We offer the full range of data protection compliance advice and aim to offer practical, commercial solutions to your compliance questions.

* Data Protection Compliance Programmes and Audits

We have considerable experience in carrying out company-wide data protection audits and implementing compliance programmes. An audit typically involves a detailed assessment of the current level of compliance (by interviewing key staff and reviewing existing policies), followed by the production of a report highlighting the gaps in the level of compliance and providing practical recommendations and policies aimed at closing those gaps.

* Advising on e-privacy and direct marketing compliance

Your customer data is a vital business asset and it is important that you know how to contact your customers for promotional purposes without breaching the complex rules in this area. We can advise on how to maximise your uptake in marketing campaigns, whilst complying with your data protection obligations. Having dealt with the regulator on behalf of clients, we know where the boundaries lie!

We are also experts on all aspects of website privacy compliance, including the data protection implications of carrying out behavioural targeting.

* Handling investigations from the regulator

If an unwelcome letter from the Information Commissioner lands on your desk, we will assist you in managing the investigation and defending your position to avoid the risks of enforcement action from the regulator and the reputational damage which may result from such action.

* Advising on cross-border data transfer issues

Transfers of personal information outside the European Union are strictly regulated. We aim to provide workable solutions to the restriction on overseas transfers based on the particular circumstances of your business. We have experience of managing cross-border data transfer issues in large outsourcing transactions as well as intra-group mechanims for transferring employee and customer data such as Binding Corporate Rules.

* Data Protection Training for staff

We can provide tailored training for your staff on data protection matters, from introductory level presentations to training for a particular department on specific issues.

* Website privacy health checks

A website health check involves reviewing the data collection processes on your website and ensuring that your existing privacy notices and marketing consents are compliant and up-to-date.

* Data Protection Helpline

We can provide advice by telephone on those day-to-day compliance queries such as "Can we disclose this data to a third party?", "Are we ok to send this marketing e-mail?" or "How do we deal with this request for information?".